October 6, 2023

Changelog: September 2023

Let’s dive into the product updates we rolled out this month.

Themes: Dark and Light Mode Customization

We’ve enabled a more tailored visual experience with our newly introduced theme settings. Users can now transition between the dark mode and the light mode, catering to individual preferences and lighting environments. 

Refined Manual Matching Experience

Streamlining your reconciliation tasks just became a whole lot simpler. Our revamped manual matching functionality empowers customers to reconcile transactions across various sources and reconciliations with ease. By refining the user interface and enhancing the matching controls, we ensure both accuracy and efficiency in your financial workflows.

Change Management: Advanced Reconciliation Editing

Proper Administrators, your reconciliation processes are now more flexible and dynamic than ever before. We've enriched our reconciliation process management features, offering you the capability to effortlessly edit and update all reconciliation rules. This adaptability ensures swift accommodations for changes as they arise. Furthermore, with the introduction of draft and published reconciliation modes, you can preview, adjust, and be confident in your rulesets before setting them live. And to ensure you’re always one step ahead, we've integrated preview reports, allowing administrators to visualize outcomes before publishing their reconciliation processes.

Additional updates

  • Improved reconciliation management with updated loading and error states. 

October 6, 2023

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