How it works

One platform for managing the full lifecycle of money movement

Connect your tools and infrastructure, automate your financial operations, and maintain financial accuracy.

Connect your data sources. Automate your financial operations.

Proper provides a universal financial operations platform with data infrastructure built for scale and flexibility.

Connect to your sources of financial data

Track every payment & automate reconciliation for every funds flow

Identify issues and close the books quickly

Connect to your sources of financial data

Access all your financial data in a single system, with no development required. Proper's financial data platform is flexible, schemaless, and built for scale, so you always have full transparency and data lineage for every financial record.

Automate reconciliation. Simplify accounting.

Turn financial operations into a competitive advantage. Move fast and iterate quickly.

Provide top-notch customer service. Never drop a payment and resolve issues before they impact users.

Scale to new payment methods, vendors, and providers confidently.

Maintain financial controls and resolve issues fast

Manage investigations with financial controls and resolve issues quickly across your stack. Always maintain a single source of truth for updates and actions taken on your financial data.

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Welcome to the new era of financial ops