Automate financial data processes & reduce operating costs

Reduce costs, maintain financial accuracy, and take control of your data with automated reconciliation, monitoring and accounting for the full lifecycle of money movement.

Get up and running quickly, and trust your financial data

Spend less time on low-level data infrastructure and more time building for your end-users with a complete financial operations platform, with industry best-practices built in.


Connect to your sources of financial data


Automate reconciliation for every funds flow


Identify issues and close the books quickly


Move quickly and grow with confidence

Spend less time on low-level financial data infrastructure and more time focused on building for your end-users.

Empower your team to move quickly and focus on your core business.

Grow with a financial system that can flex and scale with your product.

Unlock new partnership and revenue opportunities fast, without the heavy financial systems lift.


Reduce risk and optimize your financial operations

Turn financial operations into a competitive advantage. Move fast and iterate quickly.

Provide top-notch customer service. Never drop a payment and resolve issues before they impact users.

Scale to new payment methods, vendors, and providers confidently.


Expertise and support for every step of the journey

Leverage our team of experts to instrument your financial operations from end to end and be prepared for every stage of growth.