Empowering every company with modern tools for financial data integrity

We're taking financial operations into a new era, to accelerate innovation and improve the health of the financial ecosystem.

Our Mission

At Proper, we build modern tools for financial data integrity. By providing products that help companies move and track money accurately and efficiently, we aim to accelerate the pace of innovation while improving the health of the financial ecosystem.

Our Vision

Proper offers a financial system that ensures data integrity, encompassing a core ledger, financial data platform, and tools for reconciliation, compliance, and accounting. This allows companies to prioritize building for their end-users instead of managing financial data infrastructure.

Our Investors

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Our Team

We're a distributed team of finance and technology experts, passionate about solving the hardest challenges in financial data management.

Kyle Maloney

CEO & Co-Founder

Travis Gibson

CTO & Co-Founder

Swapnil Hande

Software Engineer

Britany Callahan

Product Designer

Andrew Tio

Software Engineer

Andrea Campos

Software Engineer

James Howe

Software Engineer

Graeme Nelson

Product Designer


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