Track your money movement with ease

Deploy financial ledgers for any use case, 
built for flexibility and scale.

The tools and expertise to launch quickly and scale money movement tracking confidently

Track every payment easily and leverage roll-ups and consolidations, with an easy to use API and dashboard.

Flexible and unopinionated

High throughput, Low latency

Double entry standards at the core, for easy consolidation and reconciliation

Track any type of money movement, without the stress

Whether you need in app-balances, a multi-tenant banking system, or a revenue sub-ledger, Proper provides the scale, speed, and expertise to track your money movement with confidence.

No code workflows and templates for fast integration & iteration

Translate simple API calls and transaction data into robust and accurate double-entry accounting, and close the gap between engineering and finance teams.

Unify your payments stack on an immutable, double entry system

Low latency, zero RTO RPO, means you can trust. Trustworthy and performant at scale.

A single platform, loved by developers and finance teams

Configure, integrate, and track in a single platform, with APIs and a web dashboard

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