Exception Management

Be efficient, maintain controls, and always be audit ready

Review, investigate, and action on exceptions in a single place, while upholding financial controls and audit standards.

Investigate mismatches, resolve issues, maintain financial accuracy

Be efficent and organized with your transaction investigations. No more pieceing together documentation for audits. Maintain a full paper trail of all actions for investigation reconciliation issues.

Workflow & approvals

Full audit logs

Exception handling tools for
fast resolution

Manage your financial operations with ease

No more spreadsheets, statuses, or messages with "whats the context". Identify, investigate, and resolve issues in a single system, purpose built for financial operations teams

Unify your team, maintain context, and focus on what matters most

Stay organized and efficient, prioritize, and always maintain context. Quickly understand priority with intuitive workflow management.

Maintain controls and auditability

Know the source and context behind every financial action.

Financial Reconciliation for Fintechs

In this post, we're diving into an essential component of fintech back office infrastructure: financial reconciliation.

Changelog: October 2023

We're back with another round of updates and enhancements, all designed to make your experience smoother, more intuitive, and more powerful.