Build a holistic view of your financial data

Proper works with your existing tools and infrastructure to automate financial operations. No more csv exports from third-party portals. A single pane of glass for your financial data.

Your financial data ETL

Connect the financial ecosystem with pre-built connectors and schemaless data ingestion. All your banks, processors, and internal data in a single platform - with zero development required.




Connect the ecosystem, no development required

Access to all your financial data without a single line of code. Leverage pre-built connectors or customize connections directly to your data souces, with no engineering required.

Schemaless, for full transparency and flexibility

Any data, any table, any time. Schemaless data ingestion provides full visibility and data lineage for complete control of your financial data. Don't learn another data model, have access to the data you need.

Collect, Verify, and Report

Collect data from every system, verify and manage your data, and get it to where it needs to go

Implementing a Financial Data Platform: A Guide for Finance Leaders

In this post, we’ll explore the steps involved in implementing the right financial data platform for your business. 

Changelog: August 2023

August brought some big enhancements to our reconciliation engine and financial operations workflows. Let’s dive into the product updates we rolled out this month.