Modernize your financial reconciliation and controls

Reduce costs, achieve financial accuracy, and control your data with automated reconciliation software

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A universal ledger meets an
integrated payments reconciliation platform

Tools to aggregate, monitor and reconcile payments data across the full lifecycle of money movement.

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Purpose-built for financial services

Reconcile data in any format with the most powerful and flexible reconciliation platform, no engineering required


Unify payments data across providers

Access a 360 view of your customer and payment data.


Track, reconcile, & account across the full life cycle of payments

Infrastructure for managing complex funds flows. Never drop a payment.


Maintain compliance & financial accuracy

Ensure every penny is where it should be.


Connect all your financial data in a single platform

Build a single view across bank accounts, processors and internal systems all in one place.


Automate your reconciliation for complete financial accuracy

Handle complex reconciliations with ease. Real-time monitoring across every account and funds flow.


Track money movement at scale

Control costs and accuracy with flexible automated accounting

Financial data platform

Universal search for every payment, every data source

Track every payment across its entire lifecycle. View the full flow of funds in a single platform across providers, services and bank accounts.

Case Management

Prioritize, investigate, and resolve issues in a single place, and have the full paper trail

Be efficient and organized with your transaction investigations. No more piecing together documentation for audits. Maintain a full paper trail of all actions for investigation reconciliation issues.


The unified financial data platform for finance, product and operations teams


The tools you need to manage your money movement. Ready to use, no engineering required

Financial Reconciliation for Fintechs

In this post, we're diving into an essential component of fintech back office infrastructure: financial reconciliation.

Changelog: October 2023

We're back with another round of updates and enhancements, all designed to make your experience smoother, more intuitive, and more powerful.