September 20, 2023

Changelog: August 2023

August brought some big enhancements to our reconciliation engine and financial operations workflows. Let’s dive into the product updates we rolled out this month.

Multipass Reconciliations

We expanded our reconciliation engine to support multipass reconciliations, allowing customers to seamlessly iterate through multiple sets of matching rules when reconciling two data sources. Previously, customers could only apply a single set of filters, transformations, and rules per reconciliation. Now, with multipass reconciliations, finance teams can easily verify the most complex of funds flows. 

Enhanced transformation logic

We continue to ship upgrades to our no-code data operations features. This month, we rolled out an overhaul to our data ingestion and reconciliation transformation tools, enabling customers to apply any number of aggregations, transformations, and derived columns to their data ingestion and reconciliation processes. 

Universal Match Statuses / Record Tracking

This month, we enabled enhanced record tracking, allowing customers to efficiently manage the status of a single record across all of their reconciliations and data sources. Universal match statuses are long lived as the record undergoes reconciliations and changes match states over time. Customers can easily sort, query, and verify a record based on its match status globally. 


We’ve delivered a major overhaul to our investigations workflow. Customers can now easily manage reconciliation exceptions with notes, attachments, and links. We’ve also added the ability to search globally across data sources to easily identify related records. 

Source Management

We’ve upgraded our suite of data management tools with our new source management functionality. Users can easily manage source columns and column labels with our new set of features, allowing for unified views across search, data sources, and reconciliation.

September 20, 2023

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